Advanced Techno-Funda course

This includes the beta course along with the most advanced scanners and explorations which would change your perspective about seeing stocks forever. Three things would be assured-

  • You would end up being a great chartist.
  • You could pick fundamental gems.
  • Techno-Funda would provide you entry/exit.
  • Be imaginative and craft your own world.

This would just be a beginning for you. Wealth creation is the ultimate aim and Financial freedom hence forth.

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Basic Techno-Funda Course

If you are a beginner and want to start using an advanced software with an understanding of Fundamentals then this is the place where you should land. You would not only get the understanding of one of the most sophisticated stock charting software in the world but also the power of quantitative analysis and data mind. While in the world of investing- Fundamentals is the savior. A blend of two would shield from come what may.

Certifications would also be provided by us.

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AFL Package

This includes various scanners and explorers that would make your life easy out of a universe of thousands of stocks available to be picked. But, its difficult to find a needle in the sand. This is where it would come handy. The world which you have neither thought of nor explored would come to you. Technical support would be provided on every product and satisfaction would be assured.  This would put you to the next orbit in terms of speed and flexibility of scanning stocks and analyze with your charting skills. Try! This would blow your mind.


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