AFL Bundled Packages




This pack includes the following AFL Packages:

  1. RSI based study 1
  2. RSI based study 2 (MoWeDa)
  3. Ultimate Ratio Analysis
  4. Stocks at cross roads
  5. Monthly Strategy
  6. RSI based study 3 (Contrarian RSI)
  7. $¶∆₹₹0W Base Breakout
  • RSI based study 1

Large domain of powerful outputs to be incorporated with human judgement of patterns and breakouts. This can be a lethal combination where in people can utilize the time saved and efficiency. Moreover, Time is the factor when you have 1600+ stocks and counting on NSE. It can save time in a big manner. Lethal multibaggers could be found here.


OUTPUT for last 2 years-


  • RSI based study 2 (MoWeDa)

A new and enhanced version of its previous successors where one can coverage RSI on various time frames. The results can be astounding, and back testing can be done to test the efficiency of the strategy. Few results but, powerful results.

  • Ultimate Ratio Analysis

When you don’t know what to do when then this comes to your help. Based on simple average concept this can provide you various levels at which stock looks attractive to buy. Explanations are provided in the video too where the concepts behind it have been discussed.
Attached is the snapshot of the results of the Afl scanner which shows few results while the list can be long. Whole NSE stock universe can be covered here at the click of the mouse.


  • Stocks at cross roads

Sometimes a move can be predicated without any ease. This is where it gets interesting. A well proven strategy which works with nice accuracy is assimilated in the form a list of stocks which you would get to analyze. Combination of the above with patterns could deliver substantial returns. Attached is the result for this year. The list can be long and exhaustive if backtesting is done on 20 years stock data.

  • Monthly Strategy

A strategy where one can do some killings in a single month. It requires the simple understanding of just one Japanese candlestick pattern which can be a real killer in short time frame. If combined with patterns which are taught during the sessions it can be a real deal. Nothing can replace human judgement and any AI based strategy can just be as good as your temperament is. But, you will get a weapon in your hand that’s for sure. The strategy behind this has been discussed a session/video which provides easy understanding of this scanner.

  • RSI based study 3 (Contrarian RSI)

When stocks go bust and bears tremble weak hands in fears then this could come to rescue. The strategy has been discussed in a video and understanding of it could help people go contrarian and look for a trend change. It helps quite a lot when you want to hunt some beaten down stocks or a sector not in favour. So, embrace the contrarian Afl.

  • $¶∆₹₹0W Base Breakout

One of the flagship afls where one can study several multibaggers that came in the past and which could come in future. There has been a great study conducted in this field by us and this has been incorporated in the form a simple Afl code where one could have a knack to make a killing by gaining multi x type returns in longer time frame. Buy and forget is the strategy which people follow in longer time frame but, this could change your mind once you start to make a killing. Various versions of it has been created and sold. This can be considered as the flagship Afl and satisfaction level is enormous. Several variant are also available in this case. It would also be shown that which timeframe to be used for proper results. This applies to every Afl listed here. The score as seen in the results snapshot can be understood as a combination of several top-notch indicators available for technical analysis. Various timeframes result various results and stocks like Rain, HEG, Graphite etc have been caught early in the rally. Results have been attached.