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Techno-Funda’ course is a 15+ session webinar-based training and certification program that equips participants to explore and identify multibagger stocks, analyze such stocks using a sophisticated platform – Amibroker & Chart nexus. This enables investors to understand analytics-based investing to help them create an income source through long-term investment. Short-term swing traders could also harness new trading platforms, systems, strategies and methodologies which could prove to be a holy grail for them. Though Long-term investment strategy is recommended to reduce noises and create wealth while you join the corporate.

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The following topics will be covered during this course:

  1. Candlesticks- Intricacies.
  2. Indicators- Mysterious one.
  3. Patterns – This will blow everyone’s mind.
  4. Systems- Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and others.
  5. Fundamentals Part 1
  6. Fundamentals Part 2
  7. Intro to Amibroker. (World’s most sophisticated charting software)
  8. Apps and information system.

Above topics are broad ones and it would include detailed understanding in entirety.  

No. of sessions= 12 (can be extended)

Timing- weekends


    • Intermediate Afl scanners package to conduct one’s study. (please see the AFL Package section also).


    • Past 25+ year NSE EQUITY data.


    • Online technical support.


    • Reading materials.


    • Continuous monitoring and learning in a group for one year from the data of joining.


  • Recorded Video session support in case one misses the session.

Note– complete offering would be of at least 10x value of the amount paid for the course.


Transformation from a theoretical investor/ speculator to a well-informed Investor to take decisions for long term wealth creation. It would be a practical and interactive course where everything would be taught starting from the scratch. If you are not comfortable with charts, candlesticks, patterns, trading systems, strategies, Investment philosophy, Scanners and screeners, charting software, Ratio analysis etc then no need to worry about anything. Everything that works in the market would be revealed to you with ease. Continuous feedback would be collected to assess the progress. Its more of a responsibility than a one-time transaction.

Note- If you are not habituated to understanding of charts then this is the right place for you to learn. Don’t hesitate to try something new and at last “Conviction” is what earns. You will surely understand by the end what this means.